Corporate Office

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, P&O Maritime offers diversified maritime solutions to both government and private sectors. Our integrated model of ownership, operations and management of specialised vessels is run by a global family of professionals and experts who have inherited the rich knowledge and business acumen of the P&O Group.

The Corporate Office provides specialised expertise across the business spectrum, including technical requirements, operations, HSEQ, human resource management and industrial relations. Our global workforce of over 1,300 employees run the company’s operations in all seven continents in regions including Australia, Antarctica, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, North and South America, the United Arab Emirates and Mozambique.

The underlying objective of our business model is to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of marine services while enhancing the outcomes for our customers. Our flexible approach allows a case-by-case focus on the core businesses to help reduce risk and enhance efficiency.

We have a successful track record in:

- Total fleet management of vessels of all sizes for maritime agencies, port services organisations and Government agencies;

- Working in partnership with agencies to build timely and flexible fleet upgrade programmes and honouring our operational commitments;

- Applying innovative practices to rationalise fleet inventories and to ensure the full use of assets, combined with the implementation of good commercial practice in a manner that is timely and delivers outstanding value for money;

- Safe operation and crewing of a wide range of vessels to international standards and regulation in maritime health, safety and environment;

- Technical management and refit, modification and construction project management;

- Efficient management of shore-based resources, both technical and operational;

- The design and delivery of on-board, shore-side systems and processes optimised to each vessel’s task.


Corporate Head Office

P&O Maritime
JAZFA 17 Building
6th Floor
PO Box 17000
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 4447 8300
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