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Government Marine Services

Vessel Type Built Brochure
Aurora Australis Polar Research and Supply Vessel 1990  Aurora Australis Brochure
CEFAS Endeavour* Multi Purpose Research Vessel 2003  CEFAS Endeavour* Brochure
Celtic Explorer* (www.marine.ie) Multi Purpose Research Vessel 2002
Celtic Voyager* (www.marine.ie) Multi Purpose Research Vessel 1997
Prince Madog* Research Vessel 2001  Prince Madog* Brochure

Port Marine Services

Vessel Type Built Brochure
Al Faidh Pilot Boat 1997  Al Faidh Brochure
AL Mutwakal 1 Tug Boat 1999  AL Mutwakal 1 Brochure
Al Nuwaibi (ex Al Minsaf) Tug Boat 2009  Al Nuwaibi (ex Al Minsaf) Brochure
Al Saaie (ex Nashwan) Mooring Boat 2008  Al Saaie (ex Nashwan) Brochure
Al Toofan Pilot Boat 1997  Al Toofan Brochure
Al Wasl 3 Tug Boat 1997  Al Wasl 3 Brochure
Asad Tug Boat 2008  Asad Brochure
Bokrabah (ex Gazelle) Pilot Boat 1991  Bokrabah (ex Gazelle) Brochure
Bulani Tug Boat 2013  Bulani Brochure
Chiuta Pilot Boat 2013  Chiuta Brochure
Geewon (ex Dina) Mooring Boat 1993  Geewon (ex Dina) Brochure
Itowe Mooring Boat 2013  Itowe Brochure
Laila Mooring Boat 1990  Laila Brochure
M1 Mooring Boat 1990  M1 Brochure
Mihaiz Tug Boat 1998  Mihaiz Brochure
Morjan Pilot Boat 2004  Morjan Brochure
Murshid Pilot Boat 2008  Murshid Brochure
Namer Tug Boat 2008  Namer Brochure
Polana Tug Boat 1989  Polana Brochure
Raheeb 1 Tug Boat 2000  Raheeb 1 Brochure
Remo Tug Boat 2008  Remo Brochure
Rifaa Mooring Boat 2003  Rifaa Brochure
Romulo Tug Boat 2008  Romulo Brochure
Rubban Pilot Boat 2004  Rubban Brochure
Sereia Tug Boat 2014  Sereia Brochure
Shadeed Tug Boat 1987  Shadeed Brochure
Shamal Tug Boat 2004  Shamal Brochure
Sinyar Tug Boat 2006  Sinyar Brochure
Timrar Tug Boat 2009  Timrar Brochure
Trash Skimmer Boat Skimming Vessel 2007  Trash Skimmer Boat Brochure
Wafa Mooring Boat 1998  Wafa Brochure

Oil & Gas Marine Services

Vessel Type Built Brochure
Ahmose Tug Boat 2005  Ahmose Brochure
P&O Balqis Tug Boat 2012  P&O Balqis Brochure
P&O Energy Tug Boat 2009
P&O Star Tug Boat 2011  P&O Star Brochure
P&O Venture Tug Boat 2015
Ramses Tug Boat 2008  Ramses Brochure
Red Ant Work Boat 2014
Red Bee Tug Boat 2014
Red Cougar Tug Boat 2009  Red Cougar Brochure
Red Dolphin Tug Boat 2005  Red Dolphin Brochure
Red Fox Tug Boat 2005  Red Fox Brochure
Red Husky Tug Boat 2010  Red Husky Brochure
Red Lobster Tug Boat 2007
Red Panther Tug Boat 2009  Red Panther Brochure
Red Snapper Tug Boat 2006
Red Wolf Tug Boat 2006  Red Wolf Brochure

Cargo Services

Vessel Type Built Brochure
Aburri Self Discharging Bulk Carrier 1995
Alexander 01 Barge 2006
Andrew 03 Barge 2006
Fly Alliance Container/ General Cargo 2013
Fly Challenger Bulk Carrier/ Cargo Fuel in Side Tanks 2014
Fly Explorer* Research 2012
Fly Hope* Passenger Ferry 2012
Fly Navigator* River Barge 2015
Fly Prosperity Bulk Cargo/ Cargo Fuel in Side Tanks 2013
Fly Resilience Bulk Carrier / Cargo Fuel in Side Tanks 2014
Fly Warrior* General Cargo 2012
Fly Zamby* River Barge 2015
Kaitlin 05 Barge i/o Pusher 2006
Karai Guasu Pusher 1971
Nocolas J 07 Barge i/o Pusher 2007
P&O Ceibo Pusher 2012
P&O Mburucuya Pusher 2012
Patricia M Pusher 1974
Phillie M 02 Pusher 2006
POMP-01 to POMP-24 (24 Barges) Barge 2012
Sara A Pusher 1974
Touax 701 - Touax 721 (19 Barges) Barge 2008
Un 2501 - Un 2512 (12 Barges) Barge (for grain with hatch cover) 2007
Western Queen* Condensate Tanker 2014  Western Queen* Brochure
Wunma* Self Discharging Bulk Carrier 1999

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